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Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

>I believe that none of us have _any_ authority to decide on who will
>get mokSha or not. It is Ishvara's prerogative. Things seems to be
>clear about the vedAdhikara. To say something on mokShAdhikAra is
>like assuming the role of God. Who can fathom HER ways?
>This is my belief.

I think discussion pertains to, not who decides, but who is qualified for
moksha - The qualifications are extensively discussed by Shankara in Tatva
bodha and VivekachuuDaamaNi - as the four fold qualifications - Viveka,
Vairaagya, Shatsampati and Mumukshutvam - and what each means is also
discussed extensively. These are essential considering the nature of the
moksha.  These qualifications is not intended to evaluate others, since
they are qualifications pertaining to ones metal makeup.  They are provided
as milestones for ones own growth. If I am not realized, I do not have what
it requires - helps a sadhak to proceed in the right direction.

Yes it is Ishvara's prerogative but one has earn it! - Hence Sadhana is
essential to qualify for Ishvara's grace! - To look even better - Iswara's
grace is always there if one can tap it! Krishna says- Ch. 9-
        samoham sarva bhuuteshhu
        na me dweshyosti na priyaH|
        e bhajantitu maam bhaktyaa
        mayi te teshu chaapyaham!!
I am equanimous for all living beings, neither I hate any one nor I love
(favor)  any one..
But those who worship me with full devotion I am with them they are with me.

To be devoted to that and that alone requires the four fold qualifications.
These are the only qualifications - not kula, gothra, varna, and linga.
They are neither necessory nor sufficient.  Having said all that, having
the right opportunities would help if one can make use of the opportunities

>Many (here) think that janma brahmana means nothing.

It will mean something only if one can make use of it.

>I dont think so.
>When a soul takes human body, it is based on karma. In what family is
>born and what religion and so on are decided based that. A soul with
>good karma will be always born in a good family. shrI shankara does
>not stop at the point "to take a birth of brahmana" he goes on to say
>even that better than that is following vaidika dharma mArgam, even
>better that that is understanding the  sriptures correctly and so on.

No disagreements in any of these. How true is the last statement!
Sometimes our own prejudices and our bigetry prevent us from understanding
the true import of
scriptures too!

Hari Om!

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