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I believe that none of us have _any_ authority to decide on who will
get mokSha or not. It is Ishvara's prerogative. Things seems to be
clear about the vedAdhikara. To say something on mokShAdhikAra is
like assuming the role of God. Who can fathom HER ways?
This is my belief.

Many (here) think that janma brahmana means nothing. I dont think so.
When a soul takes human body, it is based on karma. In what family is
born and what religion and so on are decided based that. A soul with
good karma will be always born in a good family. shrI shankara does
not stop at the point "to take a birth of brahmana" he goes on to say
even that better than that is following vaidika dharma mArgam, even
better that that is understanding the  sriptures correctly and so on.


This is related to shrI murthy's query on br^ihadAraNyaka upaniShad.
What ties the sUkshma shariram to the physical body? It the karma.
karma is the knot that ties soul to body.  There is good discussion of
this and how a yogI's can move sUkshma shariram to other bodies
in patanjali's yoga sUtra (III.38, I think). It becomes very
clear when we read vyAsa's bhAShyam and along with shankara's

With respects

AUM is indeed the symbol of Ishvara
tat vAchakaH praNavaH

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