Ashtavakra Gita

Nanda Chandran Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Tue May 12 15:15:38 CDT 1998

Srinivas writes :

>The statements like "There is no being or non-being", ..etc
> refer to the intellectual concepts of the mind.

With this you say (or that's what I think!) that the Paramartika state
is beyond the intellect, as the concepts of Being and Non-Being are
limited only to the level of the intellect. OK, all the texts are
unanimous on that.

>It is a well known fact that "being" cannot be negated.

But here you say that "being" cannot be negated. Above, this concept has
been sidelined as the Paramartika state is beyond the intellect. So why
now give credence to "being" which is only a concept limited to the


The philosopher who made the four fold negation, neither Being, nor
Non-Being, neither nor both *didn't* subscribe to the logic that in the
final analysis Reality could be defined as a *being*. Rather he
refrained from forwarding any view of his own, thereby stressing that
Reality was inexplicable.

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