Ashtavakra Gita

Swami Vishvarupananda omkar at GIASDL01.VSNL.NET.IN
Tue May 12 04:57:13 CDT 1998

Harih Om,

>When Janaka talks about trying to *achieving* inner freedom,
>*experiencing* distress etc he surely is not talking from the
>Paramartika standpoint? In the text it's explained how he suddenly
>realizes his identity and his subsequent talk is definitely a
>Paramartika talking. But isn't what he's talking about, the path he
>followed? He cannot be saying that he attends to what presents itself to
>be done, because he's *just* Realized his identity - so at that point of
>time he's a *newly* Realized being who's not acted much.

What I meant to say is, what was written in those stanzas you posted was
said by him as Jeevan mukta, not as a shadhaka. As a Jeevanmukta this is
what the rest of the life of the body is. As a sadhaka we have to follow
dharma, develop viveka, vairagya, shamadiguNa and mumukSutva. Of course in
the sense of surrendering one should accept whatever comes, pleasure or
pain. But as far as ones actions are concerned they should be marked by
viveka, vairaya and the rest.

Greetings and Om,

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