39. ekavIrAdisa.nsevyA

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39. ekavIrAdisa.nsevyA

SHE is served by ekavirA and others.

"eka" means unique. "virA" means the devotee who has achieved his/her
life purpose by persistent spiritual practices like repetition of
mantra or similar approaches. Attributes like profundity, valour,
etc., which are often found in Emperors are possessed by succesful
devotees. Hence they are called vIrAH.  SHE is worshipped by such

The word ekavIra can also be interpreted as living beings who have
acquired powers like ekavIrAsh.  SHE is worshipped by these groups of
powers. When SHE wants to bless HER devotees, SHE takes a form with
attributes. Then SHE is to be worshipped as presiding deity of a
mantra with accompanying deities.

"ekavIrA" means reNukA (*) and other deities like shyAmaLa, and they
grant boons to devotees at proper time from their pIThA. SHE is served
by such great ones who can themselves grant boons by their own rights.
By this HER supreme greatness is indicated.

AUM ekavIrAdisa.nsevyAyai namaH


(*)  reNukA is the power of Sun according to prapa.nchasArasa.ngraha
of gIrvANe.ndra and shyAmaLa is the power of mind known as mantriNi
according lalitopakhyAna.

(**) ekavIrapITha is one of the 51 pIThas mentioned in the

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