38. ejadanekajagadIshvarI

Ravi Mayavaram msr at REDDY20.TAMU.EDU
Sat May 9 22:04:25 CDT 1998

38.  ejadanekajagadIshvarI

SHE rules many worlds which have beings vibrant with life.

"ejat" means vibrant with vitality. "ejadanekajagat" indicates the
worlds (many many of them) which are vibrant with life have embodied
living beings. (It should be noted that by embodied not only the
physical body is meant. sUkShma and kAraNa sharirams are also some
form of embodiment. But normally by disembodied being, one that is
stripped of the physical body is meant). SHE is the "IshvarI" of these
worlds. By life, even non-moving beings likes trees are to be
included. Even though they do not manifest the knowldge of obtaining
weal and preventing woes (often), they do show life giving functions
like growing, drinking water etc. The word "jagat" includes both
moving and non-moving things. Otherwise the shruti "sarveShu bhUteshu"
will be restricted only to moving things. It is a convention that when
there is no contradiction, a word, besides its ordinary literal
meaning, should means also implied extraordinary intrepretation.
Otherwise the brahman as cause of the creation becomes limited to
moving things only. That is why the word "ejat" is used here.  All
living beings depend on hiraNyagarbha for their creation, who is based
on HER, SHE rules them all.

AUM ejadanekajagadIshvaryai namaH

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