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On Tue, 5 May 1998, Vivek Anand Ganesan wrote:

>    I would like to know more about the significance of "kulam" in
> advAitam.  Specifically, the deeper connotations of "kulam".
> e.g. >all of creation; divine creative energy; power of consciousness
> The only meaning that I was aware of was that of "family".

Kula has no special significance in Vedanta.

>    Also, I understand that "kulam" is a very important concept in
> Kashmiri Shaivam.  Is their idea of "kulam" different from the advAita
> conception?  If so, how?

Kula is a tantric term and though I don't know exactly how the Kashmiri
schools use it they are based on tantras and agamas.  (And Kaul is still a
common Kashmiri surname.)  Interestingly Shrividya upasakas like Shri
Bhaskararaya (who also consider themselves followers of Shankaracharya) do
use the word in the sense of a "family" or system of mantras.

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