john grimes grimesj at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed May 6 02:17:28 CDT 1998

Vivek wrote:

>   I would like to know more about the significance of "kulam" in
>advAitam.  Specifically, the deeper connotations of "kulam".
>e.g. >all of creation; divine creative energy; power of consciousness
>The only meaning that I was aware of was that of "family".
>   Also, I understand that "kulam" is a very important concept in
>Kashmiri Shaivam.  Is their idea of "kulam" different from the advAita
>conception?  If so, how?

A wonderful wonderful book speaking about kula in the Advaita tradition is
The Guru Tradition (Gurukula) (Bharatiya Bhavan Book) - talks by the
Sankaracarya of Kanci on the subject.

Kulam is very important in Kashmiri Shaivism as you say. See Pandey's
Abhinnavagupta book for a thorough study of the term.

Both traditions employ the term and though there may be different nuances,
in a general sense I believe they use the term in a similar manner.


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