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Mon May 4 09:51:20 CDT 1998

Giri writes :
>since persons like Ramana Maharshi and Shankara have told you so.

I agree with you and confess that it's the only thing which sustains my
interest in Advaitam. Ramana and Shankara were not just philosophers who
indulged in mere metaphysical speculation, but carved a 'way of living'
and 'purpose of life' out of the Upanishadic teachings. And having been
brought up in a tradition which reveres the above saints, one does have
the moral and mental support in following their path, even if it defies

And sadly this is where I feel the Westerners are at a disadvantage.
Since they've not been brought up in the tradition, there's that much
less conviction and moral, mental support (atleast in the sadhaka
level). Atleast this is what I felt when I read Robert's post about
'Vedanta slipping through his fingers'. But Truth, I suppose has it's
own powers of persuasion!

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