31. enaHkUTavinAshinI

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31. enaHkUTavinAshinI

SHE who destroys the hoardes of sins.  "enaH" means sins and "kUTa" means
groups.  In the absence of the steadfast awareness of the ultimate
reality, the fruits of the deeds of this birth and the previous births are
said to be destroyed only by suffering/enjoying the consequences of these
deeds. However, if one wants to destroy the consequences of the past
actions instead of suffering them for aeons of time, there is a way. The
awareness of the identity of the Atman and brahman will destroy the
consequences of the past actions.

SHE is called enaHkUTavinAshinI, because SHE can confer this AtmajnAnam.
Sins do not touch one who possesses the knowldge of brahman. "asharIram
vAva priyApriye na spR^ishataH" [chandogyopaniShad 12-1] which means 'one
who is without body is not touched by likes and dislikes'. (One who has
the knowledge of brahman does not identify himself with his body, mind
etc, it is like without body). "aham tvA sarva pApebhyo mokShayiShyAmi"
[bhagavad gIta 18-66] 'I shall release you from all sins'.

Or enaHkUTa means mAya. enaH means sins and kUTa is the falsehood due to
mAya, which is the cause of the sins. SHE destroys that mAyA.

AUM enaHkUTavinAshinyai namaH

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