The link between Vyavaharika and Paramartika

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Giri writes :
>it is better, imho, to understand that 'Yes, there is avidya, let me
remove it.'

Well, Avidya is itself relative. Only when you bring in the Eternal
Absolute, does the classification of Avidya occur. My questions were
directed more towards seeking the proof of the Eternal Absolute and
hence justifying Avidya. I see now that it's a futile task :-(

OK, I understand that we have to personally walk the path and see that
the snake is indeed a rope. The proof of the existence of the Eternal
Absolute would've put some conviction and purpose into the effort, but
again, nothing that's truly worth it ever comes easy!

As Charles and Frank also stressed, sincere Sadhana is the only way out.

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Ravi Mayavaram wrote:

> I had notice of the advaita discussion list, and I would like to
> subscribe to it, what shall I do?
> My name is Olivia Cattedra, and i'm professor of indian and chinese
> philosophies at the university of Salvador, here in Buenos Aires.
> Also I have done some research, from 1982 up to now,  on Gaudapada and
> the earlier advaita,
> then I was working with the Upadesasahasri, then some comparisons
> with Plotinus, and recently with the developmnt of the yoga pre and
> post Patanjali.

Welcome Prof. Cattedra. Your reasearch work sounds very interesting. I'd
be interested in your list of publications on gauDapAda and early
advaita vedAnta. I hope to hear about your reasearch work on the list
whenever you get the time. Not sure if you are a practicing advaitin,
but you'll get a feel for what the living advaita tradition is from this
list :-).



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