The link between Vyavaharika and Paramartika

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Fri May 1 12:38:49 CDT 1998

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) wrote:

> It's stated that in the Paramartika level it's Non-Dual. There is only
> an experience of being "One".
> So how can the link be made to the Vyavaharika, where the everything is
> an illusion and the Paramartika, where there's only Non-Duality?
> The crux of my whole argument lies in the question as to how "I", who am
> Eternal and Absolute, can exist in the realm of Maya?

This is the best illustration I've seen yet involving
the epistemological limits within the faculty of reason.
Simply put, these questions have no answers.  Shruti
neither provides answers to them.

Let's further distill the questions:

If brahman is self-contained, without desire, and beyond
limitation, and is the only reality in existence, how can
there be an ignorant jiva?  Even if it were an illusion?
How and why does this problem even *appear* to
present itself?  Even if, after realization, it is seen to be
naught but a fools dream?  Why did it exist at all?
Even as a dream?

This defies any logical explanation.  It is the master
and mother of all questions.  And it exposes the blunderous
deception of the *necessarily* dualistic mind.  (Notice
that the hub of the question is itself dualistic!)  And
because of the ultimate value of the question, it becomes
quite obvious that any potential answer forthcoming can
*never* be anything but dualistic!  Thus there can be no
reconcilliation between the worlds of dvaita (vyavaharika)
and advaita (paramarthika).  Ony one exists.  (This is the
*unavoidable* mystery that must eventually force the
separative ego to yield its stronghold--immersed as it
is otherwise in self-replicating delusion.)

This discussion itself is unavoidably dvaitic!

So the dilemma is firmly intact. And any attempts at
answers in this vein, merely go in circles.

The way out?  atmavichara.
Which yields *no answers*.
No intellectual, relative explanations are forthcoming.

Rather, its [intended application] allows one to arrive
at the essence of Being, *beyond thought*.

(thought being either eliminated or ignored)

Thus the entire world of philosophical riddles and
solutions collapses.  What transpire is "the peace
that passeth understanding."

As Chuck said yesterday:

> It takes effort to believe that you're not already what
> you are seeking.   Stop making effort.
> To let go and be still is the pathless path to where
> you blissfully reside.....even now.

If ego listens to hear this, it's finally in serious trouble.


nugget of heavy light
burst in the mind...thus Heart
interlinks That translogic Being
...merely as is.


This is suddha chit, leading to chidakasa...
resolving samadhi, atmanishtha, and jivanmukthi.

OM shaanthi shannthi shaanthiH.

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