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On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Anand wrote

About Vaidyanath: The details I could find out are very sketchy.
According to one verse which says "paralyaaM vaidyanaathaM", the
Jyotirlinga called Vaidyanaatha is in Paralii, near Parbhani in
Maharashtra. But as per the Shiva PuraaNa statement, "vaidyanaathaM
chitaabhuumau", the Jyotirlinga is at chitaabhuumi in the northeast. I
have been unable to find any more details about this place which could
be in northeastern India or in Bangladesh. Is Chittagong the same as
Chitaabhuumi?  Vaidyanath is a common name among Aiyar families. Could
someone please comment?

namaste Anand:

I found this on the WWW, when searching for pages on Lord
Vaidyanatha. This answers your question.

In the page,
this section appears on

<quote fromthe page>

 These are reputed for their breathtaking valleys, hill temple
 architecture, handicrafts and hositable people. Himachal, being
 predominantly Hindus, is studded with innumerable temples. It has
 also a Budedhist area of Lahul and Spiti where a number of Buddhist
 monasteries are famous for their ancient architectural workmanshp.
 Himachal may be divided into four main circuits of pilgrim interest.:

<end quote>

<begin quote>
The KANGRA-DHARAMSHALA-PALAMPUR circuit situated in the
 lush valley has many shrines, prominent among them are
 CHINTPURNI after the Goddess Chintpurni, Chamunda devoted to
 Goddess, Chamunda Devi where the worshiper's wish is granted, and
 Brojeshwari famous for a temple associated with Kangra.
 Jawalamukhi is popular pilgrim site where an eternal flame issues
 from a well around which a temple has been constucted. The flame is
 reckoned as a manifestatin of a goddess. The Baijnath Temple in
 PALAMPUR is dedicated to Shiva Vaidyanatha-Lord of Physicians. It is
 here that Ravana worshipped Shiva to gain immortality. The Baijnath
 Temple is reputed to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas,. It is
thronged  with pilgrims during Shivratri.

<end quote>

Here is the source

This temple location agrees with the verse in the shlokam

With respects,

Earlier in reference to this mail I wrote about Vaidheeswaran Koil,
Thanjavur, Tamilnadu.

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