Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jun 30 14:52:31 CDT 1998


I happened to meet the priest of San Antonio temple and asked him few
question about pUjA and nityakarma anuShTAnam.  During the discussion he
emphasized one vital point, which I thought I will share with you all.

"In pUjA quality is more important than quantity. It is not how much we do
matters, but how we do it is very important. Do it with full attention and
try to understand the meaning of the mantras (specifically he was
referring to nAmams of shrI lalitA)."

Another important thing he mentioned was he asked me to keep in mind the
advaita bhAvam (that atman and brahman are one). He emphasized
that when we worship many deities, this should be borne in mind.

I am stating here what I understood from him. If there are any mistakes I
take the respsonsibility.


PS: I was always impressed with the care with which the priests of San
Antonio temple do aShTottara archana and other mantras. Every name get its
attention. In many other temples, I have seen the priest going through the
names at lightining speed. I am not here accusing that they don't give
attention.  As listener I could not match their speed. It is possible for
well trained minds to give attention and at the same time do the nAmAvali

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