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Dear Ravi,
Thank you for including me in the List. To give you a brief background, my
father and my grandfather were teachers of Hindu Philosophy at the
Universities in India and I was trained in the Vedas and in the Sankaran
tradition of Srngeri many years ago.
 I work as  a director of a Swiss investment bank in London deeply
engulfed, for the last 20 years, in the financial world of Western
materialism and have somehow managed to keep my Self, like the Hamsa,
unaffected by the waters entirely due to the Sankara tradition of advaita
belief. In order to reinforce my roots, I am doing a personal research (
when I get time)  to demonstrate in simple language the practical benefits
of AdvaitaVednata in day to day life  and have also found an astounding
proof of the Vedantic description of the universe ( creation and vivarta
causality) in today's discoveries in non-relativistic quantum physics that
proves the underlying reality of an undivided wholeness with fragmentation
as only a superimposed illusion,  which Adi Sankaran tradition had given us
many centuries ago without going through any empirical proof. To aid this
search, after many years of my prior association with Vedanta, I came upon
your web site while surfing the net and I  hope to keep in touch with your
excellent platform and  learn and update my understanding of the
non-duality and refresh myself with the current thinking.


Abhijit Bandyopadhyaya

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