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Tue Jun 30 13:11:55 CDT 1998

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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 13:17:26 GMT0BST
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Subject: Introduction

You asked:

>I request you to send a brief introduction about yourself describing
>briefly your interest in advaitam, which I will post to the list.

Essentially, my interest is based on personal experience of
meditation, for which I do not have any kind of philisophical
context. As such, I am wondering whether or not the subject matter
of this list will provide what I am looking for. I was drawn
particularly to this list because of reading I have undertaken in the
past on Vedanta - this was some years ago, but I used to use a fair
amount of study time in a college library reading such books when I
should have been pursuing my studies!

Some fairly ephemeral reasons for wishing to subscribe to your list,
but I hope you will be tolerant enough to allow me to learn from
this useful resource.

Thank you.

Brian Taylor, Leeds, UK

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