|| shrI sha.nkarAchArya aShTottara-shata-nAmAvaliH ||

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Jun 20 23:59:57 CDT 1998

dvispatati matochChettre namaH

<this meaning is probably incorrect, please correct me>

I bow to shrI shankara who through the advaita vedAnta uplifted many forms
of religious worship by giving them a proper focus.  dvisaptati means 140,
here indicates many.  mata means religion and uchChetta means uplifting.
Many religious observances can be done with various goals, but if done
with earnest intention of knowing the Self, these observances get a proper

AUM sarvadigvijayaprabhave namaH

I bow to shrI shankara who is ever vistorious ( hence the Lord of) in all
his digvijayams. shrI shankara undertook many digvijayam-s, during which
he met many scholars of various religious traditions and debated with
them.  He always emerged victorious. During his digvijayas he increased
the spiritual power of many temples by establishing shrIchakra yantra in
them and helped bhaktas by composing hymns on different deities. These
digvijayas occupied a central place in his life, hence his biographies are
called as digvijaya-s.

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