72. lakShaNAgAmyA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jun 16 21:59:43 CDT 1998

72. lakShaNAgamyA

SHE who is inaccessible  to lakShaNa.

When a word cannot describe the essential meaning but only approximately
describes the object of interest, this function of speech is called
lakShaNa. It creates a sense of difference between the  word and it
import. It can explain only finite things having  parts. It cannot
function in relation to to brahman who is pure, infinite, unlimited
consciousness. It cannot be said that brahman is of this kind, or brahman
belongs to this or that. Hence, lakShaNa fails in HER case.  Agamya means
inaccessible. SHE is inaccessible to lakShaNa.

Inspite of the above, vedAnta accepts lakShaNa. In vedAnta the identity
between tat and tvam is established only through jahadahad lakShaNa. Using
this it is proved that when the attribute of jIva and Ishvara are
discareded, the underlying unity is established. Hence the use of lakShaNa
is accepted in vedAnta. But the deity here mentioned is pure awareness,
effulgent and eternal. SHE is beyond lakShaNa, hence the name is proper.

AUM lakShaNAgamyAyai namaH

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