f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Tue Jun 16 15:56:28 CDT 1998

        Philosophical speculation is, for most jnanayogins, a vital
process.  And, as most on the List are aware--as was pointed
out on the adhikara thread, there comes a time when it must
be abandoned.  Which can be extremely difficult to do.  The
strategy entails saturating the mind with waves of information
to the point that it starts getting overwhelmed by the overload,
and begins to give up [its obsessive compulsion to sustain the
ego-programme].  At some point, in the career of every soul,
there are a number of lifetimes dedicated to this kurukshetra,
being literally a mind war. (The exposure and study of vedanta
establishes one's reaching this place.)

When the time comes for releasing onself from the philosophic-
pursuit mode, the recognition that one is engaged in ku-tarka
(unnecessarily churning what amounts to circular discussion)
becomes suddenly prominent.  Here the insight emerges that all
philosophical speculation boils down to merely an arrangement
of concepts, that ceace to exist when they're not entertained.
This, in turn, inspires one to realize what it is that's always
here and permanent, and abide in That.  Once achieved, we can
then safely surf the universal Mind Internet--only remembering
to never download any thought files that may alter our [now
primal] buddhic operating system!  :)


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