Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jun 15 09:16:54 CDT 1998


I am sorry for not posting the names yesterday. I was away to Houston
mInAkShI temple. It was very nice day despite the long drive. We had an
opportunity to witness two kalyANam-s. Houston templa has almost finished
building a kalyANa maNDatapam and they performed shrI
mInAkShI-sundareshvarar kalyANam and shrI padmAvatI-srInivAsar kalyaNam at
their new venue. It was very beautiful and uplifting, especially when they
read the pravaram for shrI sundareshvara and Lord shrInivAsa ( it will
sound little odd if one says shrI shrInivAsa. One of the speakers in
vEnkaTesha mahima conference at the Pittsburg temple remarked that every
other name of Lord shrIman nArAyaNa can be said without shrI. But you
cannot do so in the case of shrInivAsar. To just say nIvasar would not
make any sense).

On July 4th, a sannyAsi from shr^ingeri maTham is coming for complete the
viShNU japa (probably svAmijI started some time back I guess). His name is
svAmI paramAnanda bhArati. Does some one on the list know about this

Thank you.

With respects,

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