What is adhikAra?

Vaidya N. Sundaram sundaram at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Sat Jun 6 15:23:04 CDT 1998


On Sat, 6 Jun 1998, Ram Chandran wrote:
> Those who don't like such books could exercise the option of throwing
> them on the trash can.  I am not one of them and I was always find some
> some valuable materials in everybook.  I find that the human mind is the

 Look at it this way. One school kid reads in a book that it is "Cool"
to take a gun to school and shoot the others. I find it totally
repugnant and I do nothing more than just trash it as being junk. Is it
alright if I do that and nothing else. Is it not social responsibility
to go out there and make sure that book is trashed EVERYWHERE. Just the
same here.

 Sage Vyasa has seen it fit to make Atharva Veda a separate veda. And
this guy decides to say it is just "common rites" and nothing more and
even writes a book about it. Is it not ovious trash.?

 Take kanchi Paramacharyal, HH Chandrasekarendra Saraswati. He is said
to have spent so much time and energy worrying that the world would lose
"Atharva Vedam" and ultimately succedded in saving a huge chuck of it by
identifying a few scholars and even giving permission for some people
who did not belong to Atharva Vedam to learn it, just so that it may be

 When acharyas decide it is in our best interest to do so, who among so
called "researchers" has the right to say that it is but the work or
rite of a common man ...?

 In any case, K.M Munshi (the author/original reference provided by Shri
Ram Chandran) is also the founder of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan and is known
more for his poems on nationalism than being an authority on Vedic
Studies. Attributing too much his sources is also an "intellectual"
mistake. So ...

 just one more thing ... In the book "The Vedas" by HH Chandrasekarendra
Saraswati, the book referred to Shri Ram Chandran himself an few days
ago, HH mentions specifically the dangers of studying the whole idea of
the Vedas as similar to Egyptology or study of the Harappan
civilisation. Such a study will come up with a date of 1000 B.C as the
date of the vedas. Are we going to accept this " scientific " view or
the view that Vedas are beginingless in time?

 I believe that books by "researchers" are always open to question, that
more often than not, they make statements without reason, and the only
sourse or authority we should go by are the works of Sri Shankara

bhava Sankara Desika-me sharaNam.

                      Vaidya N. Sundaram
 Kandavar Vindilar      : Those who have seen (Brahman) have not spoken
  Vindavar Kandilar     :   those who speak (about It) have not seen (It)
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        puruShottaMa, shrI ranganAtha, mama nAtha, namostute.

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