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>Sada I have written answers from Sami Chinmayananda on many questions.
>Unfortunately I did not ask the question on vairAgyam.  I take Chinmayananda's
>responses as pramanam as I have that belief in him.  Since you are one of the
>faithfuls answer what his response would be.
>Again this is a topic very helpful  to many, in unfolding the truth...
>so please post what you know and understand "vairAgyam"
>Shubham                                                      Nagy

Nagy - just saw your note.  I am in between my travels right now.  I also
noted that others have adequately addressed the topic and there is not much
for me to add other than Krishna's statement in Ch. 6 in response to
Arjuna's question that it is indeed difficult to contrl the mind -
Krishna's answer is it is difficut but not impossible - by constant
practice and vairaagya one can control the mind - Abhyaasena tu kounteya
vairaagyeNa ca gRihyate| - so the role of vairaagya cannot be understated.

Hari Om!

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