108. haryakShavAhanA

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108. haryakShavAhanA

SHE who has a lion as HER mount.

haryakSha means Lion and vAhana means one which carries. This
name signifies HER as durgA in the form of mahAlakShmI.

AUM haryakShavAhanAyai namaH

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Harih Om,

>>> One important thing I am learning these days is to stay away from
>>> writing unnecssary stuff. I apologize to shrI Murthy for my
>>Yes Ravi....I am glad that you realised it yourself. You are the list
>>"moderator" and I think your job ends there. Nobody wants silly remarks
>>and retorts from you all the time.

I find it saddening, that someone on this list is able to write such nasty
words against Raviji on this list. I seldom become angry, but this makes me
really angry inside.
Ravi is one of the most softspoken people I have met and if you talk abot
saucy words and the like, I think you must be confusing him with someone
else (I'm not hinting to anyone).

I agree very much with what Giriji has written on this subject and I request
Raviji, to please ignore the posting of Kothari. I have yet to find someone
as thankless and impertinent to a person who is investing so much of his
time and effort on
running this list, maintaining it, and making it a wonderful place on the
net. I fell that
Raviji's messages belong to the most valuable input in this list and I am
very thankful for his sparing time to post such jewels to us.
I personally had been wondering why Raviji thought his message had been off
topic or useless.

Raviji, thank you for maintaining this list, and thank you for your
inspiring input. Let me join Giriji in requesting you to post more and more,
whenever your time permits.

Om Om Om
Swami Vishvarupananda

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