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I would like to say that, not only do I respect
each and everyone's views on this List, but consider
them to be utterly appropriate for them, in accordance
with their role in brahman's lila.  Ego's subject to
birth and death, even now are phantoms.  Thus I love
each and everyone from the bottom of my heart.


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sadananda wrote:

> Why cannot arguments be made on a objective basis without out insulting
> individuals.   If I am wrong prove it to me that for self-realization
> bhoutika sanyaasa is essential.  I have argued purely on the basis of the
> nature of the problem.  I have seen Jalandhar's post to my mail and he has
> provided some thought provoking comments and deserve to be contemplated on
> before my response. I thank him for that.

I was rather expecting something like this: Let's go through what you

"Since people re-churning the issue in the name of re-clarification of
issue, here are my two cents again on the issue for those who care."

Obviously the above was referring to me. Since I have been the only one
constantly trying to answer everyone who replied to my post. What the
heck do you mean by "re-churning the issue in the name of
re-clarification?". Do you have any clue of why I spent my time replying
to everyone? Some one close to me got affected badly by this bogus
delusion of "mental renunciation". What nonsense! Obviously my
statements needed clarification as noted by Kartik also. You think you
can insult people subtly by posting stuff like "re-churning the issue"
and get away with it. Dear Sir, I don't need any advice from you on how
to reply to posts. Shall we say the pot and the kettle?

If you had the guts you should have said "Why are YOU trying to rechurn
the issue"? I would not have been offended and would have answered you
properly. Instead of addressing me directly you revel in insinuating
statements instead.


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