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This is ridiculous. Who or what gives you the authority to  determine where Ravi's job begins or ends? Do you have any idea what it takes to maintain a list such as this one? A moderator is another list member. The only difference between him and the rest of the members is that he has the additional responsibility of maintaining the list, which let me assure you from my own little experience, can be quite time consuming. So as any other list member, and in fact more than any other list member, he has the right to voice his opinions/ideas whenever he feels necessary, of course within the scope of this list. I am sure the majority of subscribers to this list will whole heartedly agree with me that he has maintained a high quality in both administration and personal contributions all these years. I suggest that you explain your remarks or withdraw them.

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Re : Subject: retirement from the forum (fwd) 
One important thing I am learning these days is to stay away from
writing unnecssary stuff. I apologize to shrI Murthy for my
off-topic post in the recent past which hurt his sentiments.,
Yes Ravi....I am glad that you realised it yourself. You are the list "moderator" and I think your job ends there. Nobody wants silly remarks and retorts from you all the time. 
The list is going on wonderfully without your saucy "inputs", I dare say. We are interested in studying the thoughts of Sankaracharya, if you remember! 

Regards,  Kamal 

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