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Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Mon Jul 27 17:16:45 CDT 1998

shrI prashant wrote:

>         Sometime ago an article from the Hindu was submitted to the list,
> for perusal of course.  I remember the issue of copyright violations
> coming up then, and it being recommended that no such articles be posted
> on the list. I just hope that Shri Giri's posting doesn't fall under that
> category.

namaste Prashant:

THE HINDU is available on net. It  was requested to post the URL
instead of posting the whole document of the net. I think, it
happened when Nanda Chandran posted the section on Religion from
the paper. There was no intention to quote a segment of an
article and highlight something. Main idea was to share the good
article with others. Especially "THE HINDU" page on the net,
comes with the copyright restriction.

I dont think it is a violation of copyright if you quote a
segment of THE HINDU to emphasize one's point. That is what, shrI
giri was doing. Even in this case, if there was WWW URL for that
it is better to give that also a reference so that one can read
the whole article and just quote only what is required.

Rules are made to make life easy for every one. There is so much
material on Advaita on the WWW, all one needs is to pass on the
URL. More than the Copy Right issue, it is the question of the
convenience and disk space (of people's mail boxes and in future
for archives as well). You may not know, I get atleast one
bounced message for each post. And often the error is no space in
the person's mail box. Of course we are not responsible for that.
At least we can try not become a cause for that.

With respects,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam.h

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