98. hrImkArachi.ntyA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Jul 18 17:53:54 CDT 1998

98. hrIMkArachi.ntyA

SHE who is to be contemplated in hrIm.h.

Since hrIm.h is one of the pa~ncha praNava-s it is a symbol of brahman
just like the praNava AUM.  The pa~ncha praNava-s are shrIm.h, hrIm.h,
kLIm.h, aim.h and sauH. hrIm.h can be worshipped as para (niguNa) and
apara(saguNa) brahman. It is a secret in veda and yoga, that depending on
the kind of devotion, faith in various mantra-s are determined. Hence, it
is not further elaborated here.  SHE as both saguNa and nirguNa brahman
and can be contemplated on hrIm.h.  As dhyAna is essential for the
realization of the deity, SHE can be meditated on hrIm.h.

AUM hrIMkArachi.ntyAyai  namaH

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