97. hrImkAravedyA

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Jul 18 17:42:32 CDT 1998

97. hrImkAravedyA

SHE who can be known from hrIM.

brahman is essentially attributeless. Hence, it cannot be the object or
basis of ignorance. However, when one is in saMsAra or ignorance, SHE
becomes objectified as purShArthA which is to  be attaines (even though it
is ever present). As, brahman is to be comprehended and intensely desired
to be attained in its eternal state of pure, ultimate bliss, it becomes
the object of functional knowledge caused by shravaNa and manana.
shravaNa and manana arise through accepting mandatory sentences like
"accept the authority of guru", "perform manana", etc. Here, disrespect to
these mandates is condemned.

Following two statements, emphasize the importance of the functional
knowldge.  "brahmanya j~nAnashaya vR^ittiH vyAptiH apekShyate" - to
destroy the ignorance of the prtaygAtman (thereby gaining knowledge of
brahman)  extension of mental function is required. "mAmeva ye prapadyante
mAyA metAm taranti te" [bhagavad gItA - 7-14] - Forsaking all other
dharmas (that is by renouncing), those who wholeheartedly surrender to me,
wielder of mAyA and their very Self, will cross over the mAyA.

The name means, SHE can be known through hrIMkAra when initiated by a
guru, and this knowledge will lead to the attaining of brahman as the
object of life.

AUM hrImkAravedyAyai namaH

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