Pilgrimage to India (fwd)

Satish satish at DMA.ISG.MOT.COM
Tue Jul 14 08:29:40 CDT 1998

NamaskAra Savithri,
   If you have time, you could visit the Veda VignAna PiTa, an ashram
of Sri Sri Ravishankar who has founded the Art of Living. It is on 21st km,
Kanakapura Road, Blore South.

AUM namah ShivAya


This is not quite an advaita-related post, so i thought i 'll send it to
you.  If you see it fit for the list, you can mail it there, else you
can let me know and just discard it.

I 'll be on a 5 week visit to India (Bangalore).  I would like to take
this opportunity to further my spiritual enquiry in any small way.  I
will be visiting Sringeri for a couple of days and Tiruvannamalai for a
couple of days.  I also intend to meet Sri Satya Sai Baba.  Does any one
know of other Gurus/jivanamuktas around Bangalore?  I will leave on
Wednesday, July 15th.

I can also be of some small service if any of you want me to get a book
or information from the above mentioned places.

Om namah ShivAya


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