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This is not quite an advaita-related post, so i thought i 'll send it to
you.  If you see it fit for the list, you can mail it there, else you
can let me know and just discard it.

I 'll be on a 5 week visit to India (Bangalore).  I would like to take
this opportunity to further my spiritual enquiry in any small way.  I
will be visiting Sringeri for a couple of days and Tiruvannamalai for a
couple of days.  I also intend to meet Sri Satya Sai Baba.  Does any one
know of other Gurus/jivanamuktas around Bangalore?  I will leave on
Wednesday, July 15th.

I can also be of some small service if any of you want me to get a book
or information from the above mentioned places.

Om namah ShivAya


Dear Mrs. Devaraj:

1. You can visit Mulbagal, 2 hrs. drive from B'lore to
visit the Brindavanam of HH Sri-Pada-Raja.

2. In Mysore, HH Ganapathi SacchidAnanda Swamiji is there.

3. Near, Thiruvannamalai, you can visit the AdhishtAnam/BrindAvanam
of HH GnanAnanda Giri Swami at Thirukkoviloor.

4. At Thirukkoviloor itself, the Brindavanam of HH Ragothama Thirtha's
(a Pontiff of UttarAdi Math) Jeeva samAdhi is there.

5. In Thiruvannamalai, Brindavanam of HH Sri. Seshadri Swamigal
(a senior contemporary of Sri Ramana Bhagawan) is there.

6. Presently, Sri Yogi Ram Surath Kumar is living there. You can
have His dharshan there.

7. Ofcourse, Kanchi is there at 5 hrs drive from B'lore.

With regards,

Sudhakar Marur

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Vivek Anand Ganesan <v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM> writes:

>   I would be very grateful if knowledgeable list members would post
>   an article about the different kinds of Maya and what they mean.

Greetings Vivek:

Maayaa means that which is not absolutely real but which has the power
to appear as real. Sankara explains Maayaa as 'yaa maa saa maayaa'
meaning, "that which is not is maayaa." According to Sankara, the world
is a myth, infact a total dream.  To whom is a dream a dream? A dream is
a dream only to a person who has awakened from the dream. So the world
is not a dream to me or you who are still dreaming! Sankara's conception
of maayaa is from the absolute point of view.  Ravi has already given
you good tips to get more information about maayaa.

Let me briefly explain the two powers of maayaa - aavarana sakti and
vikshepa sakti.   When we mistake a rope for a snake, our inability to
recognize the rope is because of aavarana sakti (concealing power) of
maayaa. The appearance of snake instead of rope is due to the vikshepa
sakti (projecting power) of maayaa. It is this dual cosmic power of
maayaa that brings about the presentation of the physical universe
concealing the totality (Brahman).  Plenty of discussions on the issues
related to the ultimate status of maayaa are readily available in the
Vedantic literature and please refer to them.  A careful internet search
on "maya" can also provide you with more information.

Ram Chandran

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