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>        patram pushpam palam toyam yo me bhktyaa payacchati|
>        tadaham bhaktupakritam ashnaami priyataatmanaH|
>He is ready to settle for any thing you give, as long as it is given
>devotion! There is nothing one can really give him since everything is
>only.  What is given is only my notion that it is mine.

Thanks for the explanation! Yes, surrendering to God would really mean
surrendering the ego.

But my question pertains only to the case when the puujaa is indeed
performed as a ritual involving more physical rather than mental strain,
but incorrectly due to unfortunate circumstances. I guess the Lord will
see to it that everything works out well for the devotee :-)


> I want to end with Sankara's shlakas from vivekachuuDaamaNi:


>        na yogena na saakhyena karmaNaa no na vidyayaa
>        brahmaatmaika bodhena mokshaH sidhyati naanyathaa||
>I think Vaidya Sundaram has provided the meaning for these slokas for
>who are interested. One can perform as many rituals as one wants, but
>the final analysis there is no liberation without getting established
> in the advaitic teaching.

A small correction: the last line should read "...established in
Brahman." When the goal is reached, not even "advaitic teaching" is seen
to be real.

>Hari Om!

Thanks again,


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