Vedic Ritual

Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jul 6 15:18:29 CDT 1998

   Following the illuminating post from ShrI Sadananda, I kindly
request information on my doubts as follows :
1) What is the principal purpose of vAidhIka Karmam? Is it
chitta-shuddhi or material gain(dhanam, dhAnyam, lAbham etc.)?
   I read the information contained in one of the URLs that shrI
Giridhar Madras was kind enough to provide to us. In that article, the
late Kanchi Kamakoti periyavAL had opined that the karma-khAndam
prepared one for the more intense sAdhana detailed in the
 But, some of the vedic yagnams had immediate material gain as their
objective, don't they? I would be grateful if someone explained this.

Thank you,

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