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Ravi wrote:

>If we start the pUjA with the idea it is for
>chitta shuddhi then we are expecting something out of it. Hence, done
>for a benefit, isn't it?  I think this will undermine the IshvarArpaNa

As I understand:

As a clarification, chitta suddhi is not of the type that involves
expecting something that is different from me.  It is actually getting rid
of something that does not belong to me -The reason I want to get rid of,
is becuse it does not belong to me!  For example my wrong notions!  - in
the process leaving me to myself.  It is like taking bath.  I want to take
bath so that I will be clean.  It is not gaining something but getting rid
of something that does not belong to me.   If it does belong to me, then
that, I can never get rid off.  Desire for chitta suddi is like desire for
self-realization. It is not something tangible that I can go after.

There is a catch 22 situation here.  Eswararpita buddhi comes with the
chitta suddhi and chitta suddi comes with Eswararpita buddi.
        Bhagavaan Ramana says in the Upadesha Saara

        Eswaraarpitam necchayaa kRitam
        chitta sodhakam mukti saadhakam

In all pujas there is normally a sankalpa - why one is doing a puja - why
one is invoking the Lord. During Sankalpa involving deva puja one utters
mantra to the effect -  samasta durita kshayaartham aham ...pujam .. or
japam etc karishye.
Essentially  a declation that I am doing this puja for the removing all my
impurities.  Even the simple sandhyaavandanam involves that ..

        suuryascha ma manyuscha manyupateyascha manyupatebhyaH
        paapebhyo rankshantam ..  yad raatryaa paapa mahaaraaNaam
        manasaa vaachaa hastaabhyaam udarena shishNaa
Morning sandhyaa involves requesting the God in the form of Aditya, for the
elimination of all the sins commited in the night by manasaa, vaachaa,
hastaa, udara and shishNaa .. by thought, speach, hand(action), stomach, or
genetal organ.

Puja is an action at the physical, speach and mental level.  None can
perform any action without purpose.  Eswararpita bhava involve aripta
bhavana.  That is one is giving something to the Lord.  First stage of
evolution (1) is to recognize that there is this Eswara who is the karma
phala daata.(2) second stage is to offer atlest the karma phala - that is
what constitutes the Eswaraarpita bhavana - offering the results of ones
action.  (3) the final stage is to recognize that I am not even the doer to
offer anything to any body, kartutwabhaavaarpana.

The sakaama karma involves kaama for self agrandisement - selfish desire. -
if the fisshy part is removed what remains is the self part. Desire for
self-realization (mumukshutvam) or self-purification is not considered as
selfish desire (impurity) that causes agitation in the mind.  It is that
desire that eliminates all other desires - since all other desires are to
gain something other than me.

>If it is a expression of love and bhakti towards God, that is all it is.
>chitta sudhhi may be a consequence or a disaster for doing it incorrectly.

True. With that love anything and everything is offered then the purity
That is what the yat karoti yadshNaati ... sloka implies

>Whatever is the consequence, a devotee will not mind. Since we do not
>expect anything out it, it really does not matter.

Yes, to do that requires chitta suddhi.  If one has that chitta suddhi,
then special puja is redundent.  Everything one does becomes a puja.
Before one can get into that metal growth, one should delibarately do the
puja with nishkaama bhaavana.

There is no disagreements here but clarification from a perspective.

Hari Om!

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