Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Tue Jul 7 11:04:32 CDT 1998


If we start the pUjA with the idea it is for
chitta shuddhi then we are expecting something out of it. Hence, done
for a benefit, isn't it?  I think this will undermine the IshvarArpaNa

If it is a expression of love and bhakti towards God, that is all it is.
chitta sudhhi may be a consequence or a disaster for doing it incorrectly.
Whatever is the consequence, a devotee will not mind. Since we do not
expect anything out it, it really does not matter. We love a child just
for the joy of loving it, dont we? When this happens, we look forward to
worship rather than think that as a duty.

Even if troubles arise, we can remember kunti's prayer to shrI kR^iShNa (O
Lord gives more trouble so that we will remember Thee).

I agree with Ramakrishnan on the valuable points he made. One should
resort to mAnAsapUjA if we cannot practice the niyamam.

O God, I do not know anything.  Please teach me the right way to express
my love towards Thee.


I was very busy yesterday, that is why I could not post the names. I am
sorry for that.

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