tracing the source of vyavaharika

f. maiello egodust at DIGITAL.NET
Fri Jul 3 18:31:03 CDT 1998

Of course the following is inappropriate for
most.  However, if one considers the meaning
and import of the advaitamarga, which is a
pragmatic assault on duality and its multi-
dimensional psycho-emotional trappings, what
follows isn't without [even] vital purpose:

(Note: No mind should be payed to this ego
talking; it is, unto itself, a wild and fleeting farce,
merely a clump of nonsense.  So why be bothered
with it?  What matters is the message of the words.
If they happen to ring true and thus help, that's
all that really matters.)

Moksha will come to one who knows this:
There is no way for one to know who is
or who is not a jivanmuktha.
There is no way for one to know if one
is or is not a jivanmuktha.
(Now, even though the latter may be false,
this is how the Mind-thief will get destroyed.)

This is why I say all are jivanmukthas.
Because belief either way has no effect on truth!

As long as one continues to generate such judgments,
is as long as illusion shall *seem* to prevail...

Upon awakening from a dream, it is realized to
have been unreal all along.

So, how real is vyavaharika?


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