86. hrI.nkAralakShaNa

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Fri Jul 3 11:41:44 CDT 1998

86. hrI.nkAralakShaNa

hrIM is HER lakShaNa.

hrIM is a compositions of "ha", "ra", "I" and anusvara "M".

"ha" is shiva. It is the bIjA of AkAsha. And shiva is like AkAsha

"ra" is vahni bIjA. Fire expresses the Ishwara who is the cause and who
has the power within to produce the the result (jagat).

"ha" combined with "ra" is the pure Awareness. In its independent causal

"I" is the manmatha bIjaM.  It signifies its cause and indicates the
Awareness in the form of viShNu. viShNu is the cause for preservation.

The anusvara "M" indicates the disolution of jagat into THAT which is its
inseparable material and efficient cause.

Hence when hrIM is uttered, the Awareness which is the cause of creation,
preservation and destruction of jagat is expressed as the power inherent
in the word.

hrIM is only HER sign. HER form is beyond all limitations. SHE has
taTastha lakShaNa (refer to name 69 lakShanojvaladivyA.ngI), that is, in
active with reference to jagat.

AUM hrIMkAralakShaNAyai namaH

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