Maanasa-yaatraa to the 12 Jyotirlinga's - Vaidyanath

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Wed Jul 1 22:12:16 CDT 1998

On Tue, 30 Jun 1998, Shashidhar Rajamani wrote:
> <quote>
> Sri Vaidyanath dham - Bihar, Joshidi rail station about
> fifty miles from Patna.
> This lingam is said to have been established by
> the Lanka King Ravana himself. It is said that
> Shiva agreed to go to Lanka on condition that
> Ravana does not set the lingam down on ground.
> However the gods conspired to stop him by asking
> Varuna to go inside Ravan's bladder. Ravan
> had to stop and releive himself by setting the
> lingam on the ground. The local river is the proof of
> that. However when Ravan tried to pick up the lingam,
> it would not budge. As he pushed hard, he
> managed to bend the lignam which is visible to this day.
> There is also a mineral spring or Kunda
> nearby. The place is also considered one of the seven dhams.
> <end quote>
namaskAram Hari:

Is not this story about gokarNa where Lord ganesha tricks him when rAvaNa
wanted to do sandhyAvandanam?

But I do not anything about the river :-))

With respects,


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