Two States

Chelluri at AOL.COM Chelluri at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 24 20:09:24 CST 1998

                                        Om Namasivaya

Sri Miguel Angel Carrasco wrote "I would rather say there is only one state,
as there is only one reality which never changes".
YES, I agree with you. There is but only one reality.
Until we realize THAT, the two states are in existence.   I disagree with Guru
Govinda Bhagwatpada on three states.  I believe there are only two states,
Deep Sleep and Waking.   The waking state initself is a dream and looks so
real.   Deep sleep could be the Reality or door step to reality as it is
beyond mind to understand.  No body can say what the deep sleep state like.
We say that it is very good.  What is good about it, we dont know.

You quoted some statements by Nisargadatta.  The numbers in the parenthesis
are page numbers I suppose from a book.   In every statement he appears to
make the distinction "I" and You".  If "I" is the pure consciousness and
Reality whom he is addressing.  If he is addressing someone "you" it can not
be reality.  When realization results there is no "YOU".   Think about it!


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