Chelluri at AOL.COM Chelluri at AOL.COM
Tue Feb 24 19:54:32 CST 1998

                                            Om Namasivaya

I perform nitya anushatanam (daily rituals) after sunrise whereever am at that
partcular time on this planet.  I do not add or deduct time to suit indian

In south India most people follow Rahu Kalam to avoid doing some tasks.  Rahu
kalam, I suppose is based on sun rise.

If we have to follow IST for various rituals, we end up doing pratah
sandhyavandam at 6 PM previous day.  In midwest we are 12 hours behind IST.

Sivaratri is on wednesday February 25th or any other day you believe

                               May the mercy of Siva be with you.


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