Vedanta and Mathemetics

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Mon Feb 23 09:25:57 CST 1998

I'm not sure if the members are aware, not only are the concepts of zero
and the decimal system of Indian origin, but so is our current numeric
system itself, which are wrongly called Arabic Numerals.

I actually came across this piece of information in Betrand Russel's
History of Western Philosophy :

 When the Arabs conquered Persia, they first came into contact with
India. In 830 AD Mohammed-ibn-Musa-al-Khwarazmi, a translator of
Mathematical and Astronomical books from Sanskrit came out with a
translation of the book on the Numeric system. In the 12th century AD,
this book was translated into Latin and it was called "Algoritmi de
Numero Indorum" (Note - Even the Latin translators knew the actual

        So 'Arabic' Numerals refers to the source of the Latin
Translation and
not the source of the invention of the Numerals, which is actually
India. They are actually termed Hindu numerals, by the knowledgable.

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