Memory - part of the Self?

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Fri Feb 13 12:31:22 CST 1998

>The same Iswara maintains records of anything passed from life to life.
>memory does not have to reside in Nirguna Brahman.  It can reside in

Hold on Greg, you've lost me!

Isvara, if my understanding is correct, is nothing but Saguna Brahman,
which can be perceived in the world of Maya. ie a personal god with
attributes, for even if we say a god with no attributes, it's still
qualifies as an attribute! Since  the Self is nothing but Brahman itself
and it's also therefore Ishwara. So the difference between Nirguna and
Saguna Brahman is only with respect with our perceptions. Thus when you
say Ishwara maintains records, then you're indirectly saying the Self
maintains records.

So it still doesn't answer my question! Where did the past memory go
after rebirth?

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