Between the eyes!!!

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Fri Feb 13 08:50:44 CST 1998

Ever since I read in Talks with RM that the only impurity of mind is
thought, I've been trying hard not to think! I would just take a deep
breath, gather up the 'I' feeling and set my mind (???) not to think!
This, I thought, I could practice anywhere, anytime - in the subway, in
office meetings (!!!), while driving (God save the pedestrians!), while
walking etc. But when I sit and close my eyes and  try to do the same
thing, it's infinitely tougher! Then it struck me that for when I don't
close my eyes I see all the things around me I perceive duality which
anyway keeps me distracted! But when I close my eyes it's just me and
when I try hard not to let my mind wander, the focus of my eyes, though
closed, naturally settles on the bridge of the nose!

Is this what is explained in the scriptures as concentrating on a point
between the eyes?

(Again in Talks with RM, Ramana says that it's easier to concentrate on
something (a personal God) than nothing at all!)

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