Vivek Anand Ganesan v_ganesan at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 21 13:34:07 CDT 1998

  I have some basic doubts about a few topics that came up during a
very interesting discussion last week. It has to do with the role of
vidhi in Vedanta. It was my understanding(obviously erroneous) that
the principal difference between the Vedanta and Mimamsa schools was
with respect to Vidhis and that there was no place for vidhi in the
Vedanata schools. However, I have learned otherwise from the members
in this list. I would like to have some clarifications regarding the
following questions :

  a) What is the role of Vidhi in Advaita?

  b) What are the Vidhis enjoined for Smarthas?

Thanks in advance,


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