118. harikeshasakhI

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram msr at ISC.TAMU.EDU
Sat Aug 15 17:27:27 CDT 1998


Or the name could mean that SHE is the mate of kAmeshvara. Since
harika means hayagrIva and his Isha is kAmeshvara. As kAmAkShI
SHE is His mate.

Or harika could mean Lion headed siMhamukhI according to the
"pratyaMgirA siMhamukhI" and her Isha is sharabeshvara. SHE is
his friend.

Or hari means one who destroys ignorance and ka means knowledge.
This refers to the knowledge "ahaM" in the mahAvAkya "ahaM
brahmAsmi" and its lord (Isha) is paramAtman, SHE is his mate as

or hari means nArAyaNa, harika means nArAyaNa and similar ones.
harikesha means the Lord of all who is the inner ruler according
to the shruti "yaH pR^thivyAm tiShTan.h". This refers to
parAshaktI [and hence the name refers to paramAtman]

AUM harikeshasakhyai namaH

Author of the translation refers in the foot note that the name
is interpreted in fifteen ways. But the edition printed by
shrIra"ngam press  gives only 14. The one edited by shrI R ananta
krishna shastri gives all the 15.

>From  a translation of
shrI shankara bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

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