118. harikeshasakhI

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Or hari means Lion and kam.h means head. This refers to Lord
nR^isiMha. He is the "Isha" of prahlAda. SHE is his friend.

Or hari means monkey and kam.h means head. By implication this
refers to the best of those who had the head of Monkey and it is
Lord hanumAn.h, and he is a great devotee of Lord rAma. Hence the
name can mean SHE is the friend of Lord rAma (who is the Isha of
shrI A~njaneya svAmi)

Or hari means viShNu and kam.h means brahma. They are the Lords
of shrIlakShmI and vANI. SHE is their friend. In this context
refer to the name of lalitAsahasranAma, "sachAmara ramA vANI
savya dakShina sevitA".

Or harika means horses and their Isha refers to ashvarUDhA. SHE
is her friend. In this context refer to the lalitA sahasranAma's
67th name ashvArUDhAdhishhThitAshva koTi koTibhiraavR^itA

[to be continued]

Note: this name will be interpreted in fifteen different ways

>From  a translation of
shrI shankara bhAshyam of shrI lalita trishatI

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