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Tue Aug 11 16:31:09 CDT 1998

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, f. maiello wrote:

> I beg to differ.  The situation "here" is irrelevent, if by "here" you
> mean the world of illusion.

The world of illusion?  I thought you didn't believe the world was
illusionary?  But if you mean the false world than that's precisely what I
mean.  Frank Maiello, an embodiment of duality wrote to Jaldhar Vyas, an
embodiment of duality.  If you truly thought what I wrote "here" was
irrelevant why did you reply?  In fact why do you fire up your computer
(an embodiment of duality) at all if you find it irrelevant.

> Being "there" is jnana swaroop;

Is what?  Please don't use words you don't know the meaning of.

> it is
> automatically who and what we *are*, regardless of delusions of ajnana.


> Such delusions of ignorance are a big trick, perpetrated by relative
> mind judgments, such as the judgment that I am not "there" yet, or he
> or she is not there yet.

Yes and it is precisely because we are getting tricked that we have to
reason at the level of getting tricked.  Those "delusions of ajnana" you
spoke of prevent one from making anything other than relative mind

>  BTW, how do you know *you're* not there?!
> I say you are, because your thoughts that tell you you're not are
> pure mithya.

As are yours which mean I can't trust you when you say I am there.
In your way of thinking saying "I am Brahman" is no different than saying
"I am Napoleon."  When people think they're Napoleon, we don't consider
them sages we lock them up in insane asylums.

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