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Tue Aug 11 12:42:22 CDT 1998

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Maadhavan Srinivasan wrote:

> If we are true advaitins, we can see the existence of advaita principle
> in all the sampradaayaas or religions.

But only if it is actually there!

> So, it is not necessary to
> realize that other sampradayas are lower level than Advaita Vedanta.

It is necessary however to know that Advaita Vedanta is at a higher level.
I think Vaidya posted this from the Viveka Chudamani before:  One must
have utmost faith in the Guru and in the teaching of the Vedas.  If one
doesn't know why one is practising Vedanta or whether it is the true path
than how can one hope to achieve anything?

> Let us concentrate on Advaita Vedanta, which transcend
> sampradayas,country,religion and all other differences.

That kind of samadrishti is commendable but only if accompanied by Viveka.
How much do you actually know of other religions and thought-systems that
you can claim they follow "advaitic principles"?  It is not showing them
any respect to treat them as something they are not.

Let us strive to be as precise as we can be.

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