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Maadhavan Srinivasan maadhavan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 10 09:49:54 CDT 1998

Sadananda Wrote:

>> For a true advatic vedantin, the respect for
>> other sampradaayaas also follow since he understands from the point
of the
>> truth, the rest are relative.

Jaldhar wrote:

>One can respect other sampradayas for what they are which may be a
>or a lot.  One should realize they are at a lower level than Advaita
>Vedanta and not try and treat them the same.

If we are true advaitins, we can see the existence of advaita principle
in all the sampradaayaas or religions. So, it is not necessary to
realize that other sampradayas are lower level than Advaita Vedanta.

Let us concentrate on Advaita Vedanta, which transcend
sampradayas,country,religion and all other differences.


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