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Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Fri Oct 31 14:24:32 CST 1997


Greg writes:

>Yes, you're right.  Sorry, I shouldn't have said "unequivocally,"
>because this makes it seem like teachers are unanimous,
>and they aren't.  Andrew Cohen is another one who says that
>an intense desire is mandatory.  I think what they are referring
>to is the cleansing of the mind that happens.  The desire,
>towards the end, if it turns into a love of the Lord, can end
>up merging the seeker with Ishwara, and you'll end up with the
>bhakti=jnaana situation.  But in the case of the seeker seeing
>himself as a seeker and desiring Enlightenment as a foreign
>object to be gained, I don't see how this can lead to

Yes, you're right (IMO) about Enlightenment not being an
Unidentified Foreign Object (ie. separate from the seeker).


- Allan Curry


By saying Poonja and Andrew Cohen suggest mandatory desire
for freedom while "non-dual teachers" do not, are you
implying Poonja and Andrew are not non-dual teachers?
You'll get no argument from me one way or the other
on that score, I was just curious about your opinion
of them.

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