Dear Jaldhar

Allan Curry acurry at UVIC.CA
Wed Oct 29 16:41:13 CST 1997

Dear Jaldhar,

You say in reference to my queries about transplanting Vedanta...

>It's a noble aim but it's doomed to failure for the same reason all other
>previous attempts have failed: These are not your roots.  Western cultures
>have their roots but you (collectively) have made a decision to reject
>them.  That's what it means to be modern.  Modernity  has many benefits
>but has exacted a psychic price.  I don't think the exoticism of a foreign
>culture is going to help.
    I think the human desire for truth comes from truth
    itself irrespective of anyone's culture. It is a little
    deeper than culture and when you consider how quickly the
    whole world is starting to resemble the west you might
    come to see this view in a more positive light.


- Allan Curry

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